Creativity runs through my veins. Art is my form of magic and how I best express myself.

From a plethora of Saturdays being spent in painting classes, ballet lessons (thanks Mom), and an expensive degree in interior design - My creative juices have been flowing endlessly for many years. The birthing of photography becoming a hobby and unexpectedly developing into my passion is all due to my family and friends deeming me as their personal photographer that knew their angles. I also have to admit that having the "bright idea" to do a DIY newborn photoshoot for my baby girl, Alaia, 11 days postpartum has been the greatest source of fuel to this fire.

Throughout our experience together, it is my duty, honor and ultimate goal for you to find comfortability in front of my lens. For you to feel like the absolute best version of you! For my parents, I want to give you the ultimate memory of your sweet baby(ies). Trust me, I GET IT! We're going to have a GREAT time and make the moment stand still for a second. The days are long but the years are short. Let's capture those pure moments while we have them.

"They ask me what I do and who I do it for."

These are the pieces of me and what/who brings out the best in me.